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Nisca PR5350 High Speed Printer

Nisca Pr 5350 AfricaNisca PR5350 high speed printer offers a small foot-print 24-bit colour, 256-Grayscale, security lamination, encoding options and prints at the astounding speed of over 164 cards/hour and 16MB of memory.

The PR5350 is available with options for MagStripe, IC Chip, RFID reading and encoding similar to the PR5310's options; and also security lamination with the addition of the PR5302 laminator. Variable UV printing is also available for an additional security layer.

PR5350 Features include:

  1. Dual Side Printing
  2. Full colour edge to edge printing
  3. 300dpi dye-sublimation printing technology
  4. Reliability- Standard 2-year warranty
  5. ISO 9001 Certification
  6. 155 cards per hour printing speed
  7. Internal Memory: 16 MB
  8. Optional Magstripe, Mifare, iClass and IC Contact Encoder
  9. Connectivity: USB
  10. Warranty: 2 years
  11. FREE application software from Exchange It

Target Markets:

  1. Corporations – Employee/ Visitor ID cards, Access Control badges
  2. Universities & Schools – Student and Staff ID cards
  3. Transportation – Buss Pass
  4. Government Sectors – National ID cards

High-speed printing:

• 155 cards per hour printing speed*
• Dual sided printing
• Dual sided lamination with alternating patch options
• USB 2.0

Provides support for:
• HID Corporation’s Prox and iCLASSTM smart card technology
• Philips Corporation’s MIFARE® smart card technology
All modules are integrated into the printer for seamless printing/ reading/encoding functions.
A software development kit is available from Team NiSCA at no-charge to allow for easy integration of the necessary commands.

Optional Accessories:
Security Overlamination w/ PR5302
• 1mil Patch style
• Thinfilm / foil Encoding
• MagStripe
• IC Contact*

Cleaning Kits:
• Fully accessorized 10,000 print kits

Print Quality:

• Full color edge to edge printing
• 300dpi dye-sublimation printing technology
• 24-bit Color – continuous tone printing
• 256 Grayscale bitmap in all color mode

• Standard 2-year warranty
• ISO 9001 Certification

Printer /PC Communication:
• NiSCA print driver continuously maintains 2-way communication between the software application and the printer at all time
• Printer status information available in the NiSCA Print Spooler Window
• Remote status & diagnostics of printer is available via Badging Applications

Modular Systems:
• Modular inline encoding capability – field installable and interchangeable magstripe and smart card encoding modules: Contact Chip, HID, iClassTM, MIFARE®, (PR5310 &PR5350)
• Option single or dual lamination systems depending on site Requirements

Environmental Friendly
NiSCA is committed to the protection of human health and prevention of pollution by taking into consideration the complex and interconnected relationship of our ecosystem. It maintains management systems designed to ensure compliance and support integration of environmental, health, and safety (EHS) considerations into its business process. NiSCA’s dedication to and leadership in meeting the EHS government requirements are evident in the recent renewal of its ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS) Standard certification. Today the printers sell on their strong reliability, excellent price point, and brilliant image reproduction. Now they feature a two-year warranty, so it’s a safe investment for your identification card printing needs.

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