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Chip cards contain a memory chip that can be read or encoded via the chip contacts. The chip card is standardized according to ISO 7816. Possible kinds of chips vary from simple memory chips without security features to highly complex processor chips. In general processor cards comply with chip cards, but their embedded chip contains not only memory but memory plus a microprocessor, EEPROM, for encoding and data storage, RAM and maybe a co-processor. A chip operating system (COS) manages data transfer, memory management and data processing within the chip.

Available Configurations :

  • SLE 5532 / SLE 5542 - 256 Byte
  • SLE 4432 / SLE 4442 - 256 Byte
  • SLE 5518 / SLE 5528 - 1 KByte
  • SLE 4418 / SLE 4428 - 1 KByte


The EM Proximity Card (TK4100) is 125 kHz RFID technology cards. It offers both thick (Clamshell card) and thin (ISO) cards, which are read-only cards.

Each of the EM proximity card have a unique serial number. It is great solution for access control, time attendance system which does not require very high security level.

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