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Suprema Real Pass V

RealPass-V is a compact e-passport reader for one-step reading of OCR characters and RF chip data of ICAO standard travel documents and cards.

Full-page Multi-functional e-Passport Reader


  • Full page, one step reading of visual data page and RFID data of ICAO tandard travel documents and cards
  • Easy and fast operation by lay-on type scanning of e-passports
  • Fast recognition speed and low error rate of passport OCR characters and RFID data
  • Support for multi-functions: full page scan, certain image extraction, OCR, character recognition, IR or UV illumination, and RFID reading
  • No moving parts, robust, minimal maintenance cost
  • Compact design, easy to mount in a kiosk
  • Comprehensive quality checking software for e-passport issuing


  • Reads MRZ (machine readable zone: 1, 2, or 3 lines) of ICAO Document 9303 compliant travel documents and cards
  • Captures 420 dpi, 24 bit true color image of MRZ
  • Extracts and saves photos or certain image area from visual data page
  • IR and UV (option) illumination for checking hidden graphical patterns on the data page
  • Reads ISO 14443 Type A/B contactless chip of ICAO standard e-passports
  • Supports security protocols of e-passports: BAC (Basic access control), PA (Passive authentication), AA (Active authentication), and EAC (Extended access control, option)
  • Retractable cover for cleaning a scan window
  • Multi-color LED and beep sound for intuitive user interface
  • High speed USB 2.0 interface
  • Auxiliary USB 2.0 interface for a ngerprint scanner or other peripheral device
  • Provides SDK for easy integration into any systems
  • Provides quality checking software for e-passport issuing (option)
  • Reads 1D or 2D barcode (option)

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