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cTimeApp provides an end-to end management tool of time and attendance of your staff from the integration of many time collection devices to the automation of your organization pay rules. Managers, administrators and users are able to access information in different levels based on security roles, which assure the confidentiality of time and labor data. With regular reporting for every location in your enterprise, your supervisors stay informed proactively to analyze to analyze and manage staff on a daily basis.

Time and Attendance systems helps to monitor and control labor expenses by regulating the number of hours employees work and by applying a company's specific payroll rules to recorded time punches.

Cost Reduction, as the cost of labors decreases and becomes an even greater portion of a company's expense, labor control systems are becoming more popular. Once deployed only in very large companies, the system now can be justified in firms with as little as 50 employees. By eliminating the manual effort of collecting and calculating time cards while reducing errors, and providing greater accuracy and time reporting capabilities time and attendance has a financial payback that rivals almost all system applications.


  • Increased Accuracy in Payroll Calculations.
  • Reduction in Payroll Preparation time.
  • Improved efficiency in labor allocations.
  • Timely reporting of errant behavior.
  • Historical data for improved forecasting and employee's evaluation.
  • Reduction in overtime calculations.


Key features

  • Open architecture.
  • Multi user, multi site.
  • Meet your exact requirement
  • Easy integration to HR or Payroll system.
  • Support multiple databases (Oracle, SQL Server and MS Access)
  • Unlimited number of employees & transactions.
  • Bilingual (Arabic-English) sceens
  • User friendly interface
  • Powerful security features
  • Built in powerful reports and easy to customize using Crystal
  • Reports
  • Violation, overtime, business leave, sick leave, public holiday
  • Different working shifts & schedules
  • Powerful organization structure
  • Flexible overtime calculations Independent hardware
  • Vendors
  • Flexible data import/export to PDF, excel and text files.
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Multi user support 
Integration to HR or Payroll
Autoload Server
Overtime calculations 
User roles
Importing users
Web Enabled
Leaves & Holidays
Import data from other systems 
Export data to PDF, excel & text files  
Multi shifts  
Bilingual screens
Database support  
MS Access
Oracle, SQL Server
Standard reports and forms

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» Download brochure  c


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